Sunday, October 12, 2008


For two of the last three days, I've been writing, writing, writing.... but I'm done, done, done, now -- until Tuesday, at least.

But yesterday! I've been intending to drive out to Metchosin for months, now, to check out a new B & B/Lodge on the beach there to see if it would work for a knitting retreat -- so a little road trip was my reward yesterday (not to mention that we just spent $500+ on a new alternator for the van, so I *had* to test drive it, but that's another story...)!

The place in question is called The Lodge at Weir's Beach, and it is stunning. I knew immediately that it would be perfect for a retreat.

Here was my first clue...

Yes, those are lovely hanging flower baskets all across the front entrance. Would you like to look a little closer at them?

The baskets are wire frames, lined with raw SHEEP's WOOL -- how clever is THAT?? Turns out that Marg, the proprietor of the Lodge, is a knitter.

So, yes, the place is perfect for a knitting retreat (think: January, storm-watching, sitting in front of the fire, knitting), and I'll be announcing the details shortly!

Meanwhile, in addition to the four black socks that are taking forever, I turned that purple cotton blend into this...

It's a Nicky Epstein edge for the bottom of what will otherwise be a plain stockinette sweater for myself. Wanna see it closer? :-)

I'm delighted, and the rest of it will be fun to knit now!

Going up-Island to my sister's house today for Thanksgiving dinner, so I'll have lots more knitting time. It'll be a blast ... Jason and Joshua, and Mischa, River and Gibson are all driving up in the van with us, and Hailey's meeting us there! Back tomorrow.... happy Thanksgiving to family and friends here in Canada!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I spent my last years at home living at Weir's Beach! Lovely spot indeed.

Glad you're fun busy. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Grace said...

Happy thanksgiving!!