Saturday, April 18, 2009


My sister emailed me last night after she googled about the wreck we took photos of in Sooke basin last week -- she found this info. She was called the Florence Filberg, and I found a photo of her when she was still a working tug. Apparently she'd sunk in Seattle before she was towed to Sooke! (That blogger-kayaker dude also has several entries about lots of other favorite places of mine -- Clover Point, Albert Head, Enterprise Channel, etc.)

So I was driving along Dallas Road yesterday (my van goes there as if on automatic pilot, what can I say?) and decided to see if I could find the Beacon Hill spindle sculpture. I took Circle Drive into the park, and made my way up to the flagpole... and there it was.

Apparently some members of the local Weavers and Spinners Guild are planning a walking tour, with spindles in hand, some time this summer. I'll keep you posted!

I had a great time at Knit'n'Cafe -- a few women who haven't been coming were back, and a couple of new gals came, too, so it was fun. Picked Michael up from looking after Gibson, and we took a deli dinner down to Clover Point together. I got started on the third scarf in the mohair/silk series I'm doing:

And the old-man-of-the-sea went for a bit of a wander:

It was a full and lovely day, and today I'm teaching at the store most of the day. :-)

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