Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Image courtesy of Salt Spring Air! See that long line of docks/boats in Long Harbour? The Wind Walker is one of them. :-) How lucky am I?? :-)

Sunday, May 1, 2016


May 1st.... wha ....??

This is the ferry that comes by us twice a day ... more in the summer months. :-) 

Some people have guard dogs ... we have seagull sentinels...

Well, we have been on the dock at our 'new' digs on Salt Spring Island for eight months already, and life is good! We love it here, and hope to make it 'home' indefinitely. The folks who own the place have been here twice - a week in October, and a week in March. They'll be here again for two weeks in July, and then two weeks at the end of August, maybe. So we have a few daily and weekly things we do in the house and around the property, and otherwise our time is our own. When they're coming, we get the house ready for them (making up beds, turning up the heat, having firewood ready, etc.) and after they leave, we clean up and then shut it all down again. Pretty easy!

So of course I'm knitting .... lots of shawls mostly. Some of my recent projects include ....
Oh, and I did a little 'decorating' in Ganges in January, too, with a 'partner in crime' who prefers to remain nameless... :-) Actually, we planted a flower 'garden', just for fun.
Kids and grands are all good, families tooooo.

If you're coming to Salt Spring this summer, let us know - I've made more than one lifelong friend among my blog readers .... I love meeting you!