Monday, February 25, 2013

Tomorrow will be Michael's birthday, and we still haven't managed to have a little 'getaway' yet! Maybe *next* weekend...?

I frogged both the Rosebud hats after the test knit was complete, and turned them into a cowl, which I like much better!
Did you participate in a One Billion Rising event? It was SO much fun to be part of, here! About 500 people showed up when we blocked off McPhillips Ave in Ganges that day...
 (Those signs -- and the posters advertising the event -- were my contribution to the day).
 Here's a pretty good video of the event done by a local fellow.

 We had Gibson over for a visit that weekend again. He has a cold (which accounts for the glazed look in his eyes) but he enjoyed pretending he was a barber and cutting his Papa's hair (with MUCH supervision from Grandma, I might add...!)
Today the last clue will be out for the lace shawl Mystery KAL, and I can hardly wait -- I'm loving it so far! I've also started working on the shawl for the FictionKnitstas tour, finally -- I've had to graph out a house to add to the back of it. It'll be fun to knit, but it wasn't fun to design!

This  past weekend I went to Victoria to be part of a Spin-In being hosted by my old Thursday Fibre Friends group. It was great to see wide-open Pacific Ocean again ...
... and I got to see lots of interesting things going on. This little girl is 5 months old ...never too young to be introduced to the wonders of fibre, right?
Local kumihimo expert Allison Irwin spinning with a spindle...

And this is Victoria Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild member Sara demonstrating a plying method...
There was a large Salt Spring contingent there as well...
I got to watch Brenda spinning linen ... from flax that she helped grow and harvest, how amazing is that?

They've all always cheerfully accepted me as the spinning imposter that I am, and it was great to see everyone, but this weekend was kind of special for me in another way... it was my first 'public appearance' and display as the new owner of WEFT Magazine!
The owner of the former Island Shuttle magazine, published here on the coast for the last 19 years, finally retired in December - and has given me her blessing to carry on the publication! She asked that I give it a new name ... and WEFT (Westcoast Enthusiasts For The) Fibre Arts Magazine was born! My first issue will be out on March 1st --- and now you know why I haven't been blogging much for the last couple of months! I've been a little pre-occupied.... :-) but I'm *really* excited to be back in the writing/publishing business again!

Monday, February 11, 2013


I really have no idea how it happens that I'm only posting once a week AGAIN.

Much knitting is happening, I know that. I finished the Colorblock Thigh-Highs commission...
... so they are on their way to England today! I've also finished the first five clues of the Susanna I-C Mystery Knit-Along, and I'm loving it! There will be hundreds of bead on this one by the time it's done (even though you probably can't see them at all)!

I've completed a test-knit for a Vancouver-Scotland based team of up-and-coming designers who are just publishing their third book. I had to knit it twice to get it right, though! The first one is knit in hand-spun so the 'Rosebud' pattern doesn't show up very well (and there's a glaring error you can't see either -- but it sure is pretty, though).
 Got it right this time...

We have been house-and-dog-sitting for the long weekend (it's Family Day weekend, a new holiday declared last year by our BC Premier) and Charlie doesn't respond as well to men, so guess who gets to walk him?

That's a GOOD thing! The walk was lovely, but the trees are a little eery this time of year...

Home last night, just in time to see a second ferry come in to the 'overload' spot here in Fulford -- anticipating big traffic today going back to Victoria, I guess. This ferry, on the odd occasion that it berths here overnight, is about 200' off our bow!
I have to go back to walk Charlie again this morning, then we'll be back to our routine. Whatever that is.  ;-)

Monday, February 4, 2013

"My Week in Review"

The other day in between running errands in Ganges, I wandered over to the boardwalk to have a look at the harbour, just in time to see this navy ship come in... 
They often overnight in Ganges when they're out on exercises. And then I watched this fellow taking the water taxi from his anchored boat ... :)
I often stop at Drummond Park on the way home from Ganges to knit for a bit ... especially if I know that Michael's probably having his ritual afternoon nap, anyway. The other day I watched this fellow do his entire Tai Chi routine while I worked on the Color Block 'thigh-highs' - which are now done, actually.

I'll block them today, and by tomorrow they'll be on their way to the recipient in England. :)

Hailey was visiting from Whistler this weekend, and Gibson was here again (he had to collect his new hat), so it's been a full and fun weekend. It doesn't get much cuter than this...

Hailey and I went to the 'Break the Chain' demo to learn the dance -- you can click the pink banner, upper right, here on my blog to learn all about this amazing event coming up.
Then we had to take Gibson to the skateboard park, of course!

Hailey had fun too!
And so, of course, did I!