Friday, August 14, 2009


... in this case, is bad news. There has been no improvement in my friend Susan's condition since her second brain surgery last Saturday night ... she is still in a forced coma due to swelling, and they won't try to bring her out of it until they see substantial improvement in that department.

So we wait. And try to be distracted...

Having a 3-year-old grandson around helps that a LOT. His big brother didn't want to look up from the computer, but Gibson has no qualms at all about hamming it up for Grandma's camera.

Yesterday, for the first time in days, I got some serious writing work done, thank goodness -- I was starting to worry about me!

And, of course, much knitting is taking place -- there really is no better therapy.

These are a pair of socks I'm test-knitting for a Salt Spring Island designer (Mary Tanti, for those of you who know her!), and they're lots of fun.

I've also started this top in shades of purple -- double-stranded, one is a multi-colored mohair which will be consistent through-out, and the other is two or three different shades of hand-spun (no, not by me) heathery purples. Not a great pic, but here's the first 10" or so...

Today I have work to finish this morning, and then Knit'n'Cafe this afternoon. The next couple of weeks will be busy, so that's good -- we have a couple of day trips planned, I have an old friend coming from Yellowknife next week, a special celebration coming up, and, of course, getting ready for our September holiday.

Keep up those prayers, would you?


Beverley J said...

Sure will,see you this pm.

Esther V said...

See you at Serious Coffee this afternoon.
Sad to hear Susan is still in the coma..give my best to Sri.
Take care of yourself, Marilyn.

Anonymous said...

Stay busy. Sending lots of positive energy down that way.