Friday, February 5, 2010


We are still pretty much 'practising' on the driving team here in Whistler (because the whole world hasn't arrived yet), so not much to report about my volunteer gig -- but here's a pic of the team I was with today (it changes every day, they've been shuffling us around so we all get different experiences!):

The back row is a woman from Chemainus and a woman from Seattle, the tiny little woman next to me is from Port Alberni (yup, three Island gals on the team today!), then our 'team lead' who was from Vancouver, and the gray-haired fella in the front is a Whistler local (and 73 years old, I might add)!

There's lots of free entertainment going on around town, so last night we went to the fancy-dancy Four Seasons Resort to watch a local award-winning band called the 'Hair Farmers.' They were pretty good, and all for the price of a latte! You can watch and listen to a video of them here ...

Today the torch comes to Whistler, finally -- day 99! We'll drive south to watch it arrive in the district, then beat it back into the Village to watch the 'hand-off between the Squamish and Lil'wat Nations at the Cultural Centre, then beat it to the Skiers Plaza to watch the cauldron being lit -- I'm sure that will be a pretty emotional moment for Whistler, having waited for these Games for over 50 years! (By the way, there's a great Whistler history timeline here!)

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Monica said...

Everything is so blue. Throw some orange on yourself to warm it up a bit.

Looks like you already having fun. Must be nice to be able to spend so much time with Hailey.