Sunday, September 5, 2010

This Blog Post Brought to you by...Hailey!

Hello Everyone!
Mum has invited me to blog on her behalf today, letting everyone know that all is well aboard the MV Windwalker (and the Co-Captains), and that they survived the long overdue, and somewhat stressful (expensive) haul-out experience last week.

Currently at anchor in a little spot at Tod Inlet (photo below- from Google Images), around the peninsula...they are finally easing into the holiday experience, after getting over the shock of the final bill for the 'Shave & a Haircut'. Mum says - Thank goodness for MasterCard!

Their plans are to navigate through to Bedwell Harbour on Pender Island (see September 2009 blog posts for photos from last year) early this week, a favorite spot to begin the holiday (which also has internet access), so you'll be hearing from mum soon.

In the meantime, she's got lots of knitting on the needles (and other places too!), and the time this month to put her feet up, and do it guilt-free. More socks please, mum...and maybe, finally...a sweater for me? xoxo's...

Signing off with this photo of Fireworks at the World Famous Butchart Gardens - where mum and dad enjoyed the Season Finale show via dingy picnic last night!

Hope you are enjoying your labour/memorial day weekend!


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