Sunday, June 5, 2011


The Greater Victoria Harbour Authority calls this a 'working harbour' and it's sure true from our vantage point -- there is always something going on. The other day was typical. Our Galiano Island friend Michael bought a little 'runabout', and my Michael went with him to take it over to Galiano .... so the day started with watching them leave the harbour...
But the rest of the day provided plenty of entertainment, too... a tugboat bringing a section of a ferry landing in to Point Hope shipyard:
Sailors leaving the dock for the summer:
SALTS loading a group of school kids for a 3-day cruise in the Gulf Islands:
A barge being towed *out* from Point Hope:
And finally, a visit from Washington's Lady Washington... (the boat that was used in Pirates of the Caribbean)...
.... whose stern came within ten feet of my living room when they were docking at Customs!
No wonder I never get anything done around here! :)

Yesterday was the 6th annual Boat for Hope event here in Victoria, and Michael and I volunteered ourselves and our trusty little inflatable. We had a blast! The idea is a pirate-themed day during which 250 special needs kids and their parents and/or caregivers board locally volunteered boats and cruise around the harbour to various 'treasure hunt' stations, where they each receive a loot bag (full of toys donated by local merchants). There is, of course, much laughter, mayhem and water-fighting, involved, and I'm not sure who has more fun, the kids or the adults!

Pirate-y hosts welcome the kids and help them aboard the boats:

(The fellow on the right, above, is Chris, Special Events Manager for Variety: The Childrens Charity, who produces this shindig, and who became our passenger for the day)!

Here are some of the volunteer boats that participated this year:

The first station was the fireboat, anchored off the Delta Hotel:
The second station was a new pirate-themed charter boat that's arrived here in the harbour recently:
The third station was our Undersea Gardens:
And the 4th and final station was the sailing vessel Greybeard, at anchor near Ogden Point:
Everybody got wet ....
... including us, but we had a great time, and what a great cause -- getting kids out on the water who might not get the chance otherwise!

To cap our day, we also had 'front row seats' at Esther's house for this event last night!

Today's agenda .... a little road trip. :)

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Linda said...

I love seeing your photos of the harbour as it brings back wonderful memories of our trip there. The harbour was one of my favourite places to visit. Hope things are going well for you.