Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The lovely test knit shawl...
 600-odd yards of pure periwinkle blue wool, and 600+ beads in the edging. Not too shabby, huh? :)
And my niece's wedding present sampler blanket. There are seven 'panels' side to side, and each paenl has nine 'squares'. Each panel has at least one cable and one lace square, and one square that is 'special' -- either it is something personal to Doneen and Curtis, or about love or marriage, or it's a classic ('heritage') knitting stitch. So if you click on the picture to make it bigger, you can probably see, for example, the 'Tree of Life' and 'celtic hearts' and a square that's a dog, and the 'marriage lines' classic stitch, and -- just under the shadow on the right -- a 'house' square. 
It was Doneen and Curtis's first anniversary yesterday, and I started this project a few months before they got married! I'll be putting it in the mail before the end of the week.

Yesterday, just for fun, I needed a quick knit after the tedium (did I say 'tedium?' I meant 'concentration'....) of the shawl, so I 'whipped up' this funky moebius cowl. The yarn is's 100% merino 'Thick and Thin' -- I love it, and I think it cost all of $7!

Today I've started on a pair of mittens from the last of the dog hair, to go with the toque I finished last week. I'd like to finish those and get a new pair of cotton fingerless gloves done for myself before the train trip. We'll see how that goes ... only 6 more sleeps! :)


Hailey Guille said...

WOW - beautiful blanket for 'Neen! Love it. I think you should make smaller versions, custom, for new babies. What a special gift that would be for grandma's or mum's that don't knit...Just an idea for you.

Beautiful shawl, and cowl, too.

Ma, you are very talented!!!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Totally awesome shawl Marilyn. You have such patience! Your newlyweds are so lucky to recieve such a lovely blanket with every square being a special one. Love the cowl too. You are so productive and put us all to shame. Very sorry I missed seeing you on my trip out west. I hope you and Esther have a fabulous train trip.

city said...

thanks for share...