Wednesday, May 15, 2013


We've had a road trip since I last posted! I had the opportunity to take WEFT Magazine to a new Fibre Festival in Campbell River -- and it was perfect timing for a little get-away for both of us. It was a very busy, but fun, time. We had to go to Victoria first, so we drove the Malahat and stopped in Mill Bay to see the new marina there. (You can read my April, 2010 post about the storm that destroyed the old one...)
 The view out to Mt. Baker is as stunning as ever!
Then we just had to stop at Leola's Studio at Whippletree Junction just south of Duncan. I've known, and been a fan of Leola for several years, but seeing her in her studio was amazing! I didn't need to take more pictures... there are lots on her website here and on her blog here.

The first 'Vancouver Island Fibre Festival' was lovely -- Shelley Mackie from the former Fun Knits shop on Quadra was one of the organizers, and the City of Campbell River was a major sponsor, so the event was held in the Community Centre there. It was dubbed the Vancouver Island Fibre Fest, and doubled as a fund-raiser for special needs programming in the community. It must have been successful because they'll do it again next year! 

I got to see some old friends, and met a few new ones. One of the highlights for me was meeting Kate, a long-time 'bloggy buddy' who lives up there. Kate and I have a lot in common .... we are both writers, we both love the sea, we're both parents, and knitters, and readers ... and we've been reading each others' blogs for years. It was great to put a face to the name! Kate blogs at Rocks, Waves, Beach...


This baby was adorable in her hand-knits, AND being packed around by Dad ... so Mom's hands were free to fondle all the yarnie goodies, of course!
We rented a cabin in a little resort on the south end of town, owned by a knitter, of course! It didn't hurt that the cabin at Driftwood by the Sea was cozy, and spotless, and the view out to Cape Mudge was stunning...
I sold several WEFT subscriptions, so that was good, and only came away with a 'little' yarn... 
 The blue cone is a wool-silk blend from Leola's, the green mohair was a purchase from one of the vendors (I can't remember which one, I was pretty overcome by all the yarn fumes...), the gorgeous hand-spun has silk COCOONS spun right in -- and that skein was a gift because I transported a loom from Victoria that someone in Campbell River had purchased. Finally, fibre this deliciously sinful  really SHOULD be in a 'plain brown paper bag,' shouldn't it?
It's from Anna at the Qualicum Bay Fibre Mill ... and I offered to do a little 'experiment' with it for her. I'll keep you posted!  :) 

More about our road trip adventures next post...


Anonymous said...

It was an absolute delight to get to meet you in person at last!!! I wish I could have stayed all day :)
And glad you stayed at Karen's place - they're wonderful people and she's an amazing knitter.
That fibre at the end is gorgeous!!!!

Hailey Guille said...

This last blog post was on May 15th.

That must mean your next monthly blog post is just days away : )

I can't wait!

Scheduling June 15th on my calendar now to get back to read your post!


"Skipper" said...

Funny girl.... wonder where she got that? ;-)