Sunday, November 2, 2014

Two in a row!

It`s been a drizzly Sunday here ... but my days off are so precious now! It`s been an interesting transition to a full-time position, that`s for sure.

I have often joked that, in my adult life, I`ve only had three real jobs - and they all ended badly. I`ve never been good at having `bosses`(doing what I`m told to do hasn`t been a strong point!); I`m such an entrepreneur - and I`ve been so lucky to have had opportunities, either through owning our own small businesses or because of my freelance writing career, to have worked my own hours, from home, as I chose.

That`s somewhat true in this position, as well - I do work from home one or two days a week, generally, and I am left to figure out my own priorities and work schedule. But ... the work has to get done, and it really is more than full-time, so it`s easy to get sucked in to `I`ll just do this one more thing`that stretches into the evening or the weekend. So I`ve learned to stop myself, at LEAST for one full day on the weekend ... put my feet up, drink an extra coffee, start a little fire, and knit, of course!

Hey, here`s one of the tasks that occupied me this summer -- I wanted to decorate the route for the gay pride parade, so I started working on these cuffs several months ago...

There are six, total, 8-ft long cuffs that Michael and I installed at 5:30 a.m. on the day of the parade - it was fun to be part of the day (though anonymously at the time)! I have a whole new idea for next year, too...  :)

A bit of other knitting ...
This was a commissioned shawl for a December wedding with the fingerless gloved to match.
And I`ve test-knit several cowls in the last few months, too - this was one of my favorites, in some hand-spun I had in my stash.

A couple more commissions coming up (baby overalls, times three!) ... and then I can start on my Christmas knitting.

Thanks to all of you who have already commented, or emailed me -- I had no idea I was missed. :)

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