Sunday, February 14, 2010


I had a lovely two days off, and didn't accomplish a thing! Oh... that's not true, I did finish knitting the pair of socks that I started the day I got here (sorry, no picture). We never made it to the Canada House pancake breakfast after all -- I slept. A lot. But we did make it to the Whistler museum, which was pretty interesting!

Here is the playground just outside the Celebration Plaza where the medals will be given out...

That's an actual xylophone to the right of the mushroom-tree-thingy by the way. Isn't it cute?

And the Celebration Plaza itself is ready, too, after much scrambling by construction crews all week...

Good thing, because I'm pretty sure it's where Jenn Heil will get her medal tonight!

In addition to the uniform I got for volunteering, on my first shift we were given this cooler to put our lunches in (since we may be on the road when we need to eat):

It's slightly bigger than 6-pack size, and it will be perfect for 'small' dinghy picnics, don't you think?

We also get a 'prize' every third shift we complete -- my first 'prize' was a nice pin (pins are hugely popular, apparently!) and the second one was a little stuffed Quatchie. Apparently the 'final shift' prize is a nice watch.

I'll work today, tomorrow and Tuesday, and then collect another 'prize' before I head home on Tuesday evening for a whole three days!

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