Thursday, February 4, 2010


Whistler used to be about a 2.5 drive from downtown Vancouver, but with the improvements to the highway, it's only 1.5 hours now, and a lovely drive!

Here's a map of where I am...

So yesterday we had to drive in to Vancouver to pick up my FREE tickets to the Opening Ceremony dress rehearsal -- it was overcast but warm, and the road was bare and dry the whole way. We found the address easily enough ... this was a dead give-away:

Yup, the line-up was almost two blocks long, so we waited... and waited...

Hailey decided to go across the street to the Bay to get her red mittens:

... and then we waited some more. We'd heard the rumor that some of the folks nearer the front of the line had waited three hours, but we got in the door in just under two hours -- they were giving out bottles of Okanagan red wine, so Hailey got her reward for waiting with me, and I got my tickets!

Then we took ourselves to a lovely restaurant right on the water in the West End, with this great view of English Bay:

The 'Olympic spirit' is everywhere here...

... and so is spring...

And then we had to check out this art installation on the corner before we headed out of town!

Got back to Whistler just in time for a meeting Hailey had to get to -- a perfect day.

And I have to be on shift in 45 minutes.... talk soon! :)

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Esther V. said...

great blog, Marilyn
good picture of Hailey..she's a sweetie pie
what do those statues depict?
keep up the great blogs...great pictures for all us to follow you and what you are doing...