Monday, February 15, 2010


Yesterday it was sure obvious that the Olympics had come to town. First of all, Biden and his entourage were at the Olympic Park (ski jump) yesterday morning, as was Cindy Crawford, apparently (although I didn't see either of them, just for the record)! The blimp was also positioned directly above Whistler Village, about a block from where I was stationed for most of the day ...

There`s also a blogger entry (not mine) here about the `Pigloos` that have sprung up around town!

But for me, yesterday was all about the buses. Dozens of them arrive by the hour and disgorge all those passengers who have been told for months now that there would be no parking in Whistler:

They`re really lovely to look at!

And what a treat to come home from my shift and watch the Men`s Moguls qualifying round and then the final competition -- Canada finally has a gold medal, on home soil. There`ll be no stopping us now! :)

Some of you may have noticed the time of these morning entries... in order to get both Audrey and I to our shifts -- in two different places -- without using public transit, we have to get up at 4 a.m. Hailey drives us, and then she has the use of my van for the day (after she comes home and goes back to bed for a few hours)! It`s working out great, except for these early mornings... I`m more used to it than Audrey, but it`s still a bit of a grind some days. Oh, well, I have two more shifts, and then I`m going home for three days again!

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Esther V. said...

pigloos.....PERFECT....oink oink!!
love it.