Sunday, February 28, 2010


It's my last shift today, and I'm pretty emotional about it! I've had a blast, over-all, and had a great time with Hailey, too. I'm going to take tomorrow off to 'scoop and re-group' and pack up, and then I'll head home to Victoria on Tuesday -- I've often said that I love to go away... but I love to come home, too, and I'm really looking forward to settling back in to my Victoria life. (For one thing, I haven't got that much knitting done -- two pairs of socks, and about 8" on a lace shawl)!

I meant to post this photo several days ago -- it's a memorial that 'appeared' in the village to the Georgian athlete who died on Opening Day:

I took this shot in the Village yesterday, and it sums up a lot for me -- the Celebration plaza on the left, folks wandering on the 'Stroll,' typical Whistler building architecture, some team members standing together, and the mountain in the background!

Better get moving here.... :)

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