Thursday, November 15, 2012


Gillian's book launch was tonight in Ganges, so I got to meet her and listen to her reading a bit from The Apple House. I purposely wore one of my shawls so she could feel confident in the knitter that's been chosen for her!

I still have to finish reading the book and then we're supposed to get together next week and brainstorm what I'll knit for her -- she's pretty tickled with the whole idea, and it's already so much fun to be part of this project! Here she is (and I have to tell you that this photo does neither of us justice)!
Earlier today, at knitting at the Rock Salt, Dona modeled hat #7 for me... 
 Isn't she lovely? :-) Oh and the hat is pretty cool, too... wanna see it closer up?
I've got #8 on the needles already, but tomorrow might be another leaf-raking, yard-cleanup day!

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