Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gotta start (again) somewhere

Once again I'm going to attempt to blog regularly about our waterborne life here in Beautiful British Columbia, and to detail my knitting projects and interests.

Today I drove down to Clover Point (as I often do) to knit, and watched a tugboat re-arranging and pulling a huge log boom along the Dallas Road waterfront. I wonder why we don't see these around Victoria very often? (I'm going to answer myself here: I suppose it's because of the slowdowns through-out the logging industry...) In any case, I always feel such a part of west coast history watching a tugboat pulling a log boom -- I'm glad it still happens, albeit infrequently.

And, as I was watching that, someone came out from the shore paddling a wake-board or something. I was too far away to get a good shot, but I'd love to know what on earth that person was doing there!

ON THE NEEDLES: I'm working on a little yoga-themed handbag that may end up being a Christmas gift for someone.

PHOTO OF THE DAY: I'm going to start posting a West Coast picture with each blog entry. Most of them are my photos (and if not, I'll identify the photographer) and they're just a hodge-podge of scenes from my life! Today's photo is the Deep Bay Marina as seen at sunset from the spit.

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