Thursday, September 10, 2009


Well, we will tear ourselves away from this paradise tomorrow morning ... to go to another paradise called Cabbage Island, off the south-east corner of Saturna Island. We'll be there until at least Monday, and I definitely won't have internet access during that time ... it's 'way too isolated. I leave you with a few photos from here, Bedwell Harbour...

This one's for you, Julie....

And, as you can see, we are relaxed and enjoying ourselves!

I'll update again when I can, early next week. :-)


Esther V said...

Amazing pictures Marilyn!
Delivered 8 blankets to Blankets4Canada yesterday..finished ALL your hats from the unfinished sweater housesitting for Scott!! not hard to take on the 10th floor on DallasRd!! wow..2 HUGE cruise ships came in and then left at midnight.. I will be so spoiled in this one month!
miss you!

Hailey said...

Great Photos Ma,

You two totally look relaxed and at ease with the holiday pace.

Love you,

Unknown said...

Hey there! This is P. here, I hope you guys are having such a good time. I really want you to be having fun and just enjoying all there is to enjoy out there.
Robin say's get pictures.
Have to bring them over when you come for supper.
:D Big Smile, :X Big Kiss, :O, Big Hug, Penny