Tuesday, September 1, 2009


That would be 'departure day' in the Wind Walker household!

Yes, we really will be leaving today ... right after I do two bank deposits, pay a few bills, do a load of laundry, buy groceries and water the plants. And Michael has his list to finish, too...

No wonder it's always about 4 pm on D-Day by the time we untie the ropes!

Ok, meanwhile, I haven't updated my blog for 4 or 5 days...

I had tea with a few fibre friends the other day, and one of them showed off her Fair entries (which is why the friends must remain anonymous for now). And the other one was showing us the socks she knit a la Cat Bordhi:

Last night the family had a 'send-off' BBQ dinner for us up on the patio above the marina. There was much singing, dancing, looking cool and eating!

(Hailey is missing because she went back to Whistler last week!)

And after 5 days, I still have no knitting to show.... but that will change by this afternoon.

I'll update the blog as I can...


Anonymous said...

Have a fabulous, restorative and fun adventure!


Grace said...

Enjoy your trip!!!!