Friday, May 6, 2011


So we are settling in, somewhat, in the inner harbour ... it's very distracting, which is a good thing right now! The little harbour ferries come and go right in front of us, the Coho (Washington State ferry from Port Angeles) arrives and leaves twice a day, and there is always something going on - we watched this couple for awhile yesterday....
And yesterday, this boat from the Yukon came in for a few hours and then left again:
The whale-watching boats come and go all day, too, and lots of folks are out strolling the causeway all the time - it's much busier here than we are used to, even though there are only a few boats on the docks right now. Here, see for yourself! (That's the webcam, and you can actually see the Wind Walker there .... lower left, not the big yacht that looks like it's sitting on top of the tree, but the one just 'above' it and to the left).

I finished the Shaelyn shawl in the wee hours this morning -- I'll block it on the weekend.
A closer look at the edging...
I used 4 skeins of sock yarn .... and I literally used all but about 6 yards of the last two skeins!

Today is Knit'n'Cafe -- my *favorite* distraction!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy place and you're right in the thick of things... but what a view!