Monday, September 17, 2012


Well, we can't get away for a whole month like we used to, but September is still the best time for a mini-holiday! We managed to get away for a whole week and I have lots of pictures and stories to tell, but today I only have time for the 'highlights.'

First of all, a finished object to show off ... the dog hair sweater finally being modeled by its owner...
This fellow, whose name is Garth, saved his Bouvier dog's hair for FOURTEEN YEARS. It was then spun up by a local friend of mine (three years ago, before I moved here), and, after the dog passed away, Garth went looking for someone to create and knit a sweater for him. This is the end result of the design he wanted and I created ... and you can see by the look on his face how happy he is with the final product!

Bedwell Harbour, South Pender Island .... every evening looked like this:
This deer couldn't decide whether to be more wary of the dog or the humans trying to take its picture at the resort!
 And Hailey came over for a two-day visit while we were there, too!
Much more to tell you but I have to go to WORK now after goofing off for the last ten days. All's well in our little corner of the world!

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Louisa said...

I know I'm late but congrats on finishing the dog hair sweater! It turned out really nice. Bet it's super-toasty warm too.