Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy birthday, Esther!

Several months ago, Esther mentioned that she would be turning the big 7-0 this year ...  and I realized that I would be 6-0 two months later. :-) We started joking about how we should celebrate our birthdays together (she's single, and Michael is just not a birthday-celebrating kind of guy) and that, if we did, the perfect birthday would have to include a lot of knitting ... and being waited on.

The more we chatted about it, the more real the idea became, and a plan was born. In mid-October Esther and I will board the VIA Rail train in Vancouver, and knit our way to Jasper, Alberta, to celebrate our landmark birthdays together! The trip takes about 24 hours, then we have two nights in a resort cabin in Jasper, and then get on the train and ride back to Vancouver. Doesn't this sound like fun? The fall colors should be glorious through the mountains by then... and Jasper has a yarn store. We're both getting pretty excited about the trip now!
Meanwhile, Esther's *actual* birthday is today but her family had a dinner for her day before yesterday, and took that great picture of her.

We did get up-Island for Sri's wedding ... it was very emotional for me, and I'm sure, for a lot of people there.  Maryann is lovely... but she's not Susan... so it was a 'bittersweet' event.

(Sri and Maryann are the two dressed in ivory...)

After the wedding we went to visit my sister Julie ... who is in a new relationship after being single for almost 15 years! 

Got back to our 'sanctuary' from all things social just in time to play peek-a-boo with an otter:

I'm nearly finished my niece's wedding present sampler afghan ... I should have pics soon!


Esther V. said...

I AM NOT 70 until tomorrow!!!! lol
But feel free to send $$ today..remember it's a dollar for each year....
I got a new suitcase, new runners and a cosmetic bag that hangs over the door!! I'm ready to go!!

Linda said...

When we travelled Via to Vancouver last November there was a group of about 30 ladies that go in in Edmonton and went to Jasper. They were all knitting ladies, perhaps going on a retreat. In Jasper they were met by a couuple of mini buses that probably took them to a hotel. I'm sure it was a fun time for them. Hope you and Ester have a great train ride with lots of knitting. It is amazing how many people were knitters when we were on the train. It sure was a great way to start up a conversation.