Monday, December 2, 2013


So it's 7:30 pm., and  I've booked a full day of visits and errands to run in Ganges tomorrow - 12 miles away, by the way. I've been sitting here beside the fire knitting, oblivious to the world outside in the dark .... and Michael just got home from Ganges, informing me that it's snowing outside.

Sure enough, I opened the blinds to see if it really was true ... and it's snowing outside.

Guess I have to wait until morning to see if I have to start cancelling my plans. What a shame it would be if I had to stay home and knit tomorrow.... lol. After all, I've just started the 2013 Advent Scarf, so I'll have  some knitting to do!

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Louisa said...

Wow! Did it actually stick? We didn't get even a hint of snow here.