Sunday, December 1, 2013

Well, I was tempted to take a day off from blogging after succeeding in completing NaBloPoMo, but I decided I better not ... I've got a habit re-established here!

I had a pretty lazy day today ... it rained off and on so I started a little fire in the woodstove, knitted a little, did a bit of housework (why, yes, I do housework .. but only when I really need a break from the important stuff I'm doing. Like knitting.) and finally blocked a shawl I finished over a month ago:

It's Harbour Lights by Sivia Harding, (one of my all-time favorite lace designers), but I used a narrower border ... probably about the 6th or 7th one I've knit since she debuted the pattern at the Victoria FibreFest several years ago. This one is a gift for someone I hope to see tomorrow, so I'm glad it's drying quickly!

Next up ... I've *got* to get the red baby blanket blocked and ready to ship -- it's going up-Island to Parksville with us on Saturday morning so Julie can take it to Alberta when she goes for Christmas. My niece, Doneen, had her baby shower today... she's due on January 4th, and I think this is the first preggo picture any of us has seen of her!
I might have to have another lazy day tomorrow... there's an outside chance there will be snow on the ground when we wake up in the morning, apparently.

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