Monday, February 11, 2008


My friend Bev was telling me that her hubby Lynn and their friend Mike motored a 40' sailboat around from Sidney into the harbour yesterday (and yes, my American friends, we really do spell harbour that way here in Canada!) -- in about a 30-knot blow. NOT fun, as you can imagine - it would have been cold, and wet, for about 4 non-stop hours!

Hard to believe, then, that by evening, the Stait looked like this again ...

Generally speaking, it blows about 300 days a year out there, but when it's calm, it's SO gorgeous, especially at sunset.

Today I made several stops to get all the little goodies to put in my 'swap' packages -- one is a 'Cocoa' swap, and the other is the 'Defeat the Winter Doldrums' swap (in the sidebar), so both of those parcels will go in the mail tomorrow. Luckily, the written directions for Clue #4 of the 'Secret of the Stole' were uploaded late, so I didn't miss any great knitting!

Speaking of great knitting, check out what Maggie brought to our Knit'n'Cafe on Friday...

She 'just thought she'd try' the technique called 'log cabin knitting. I'd say she succeeded, wouldn't you? What's even more amazing is that Maggie has donated these two blankets to local charities!

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