Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I picked River up after school (that's our usual Tuesday routine -- he has a 'sleepover' with Grandma and Papa) and we went down to Clover Point to do a little storm-watching, just for fun.

These characters came right over as soon as we parked... I think they were attracted to the warmth from the engine, it was REALLY cold out there!

It was blowing about 30 knots ...

River wanted to get out of the van, even though I warned him that this was a wind he could lean in to and not fall over, that it would probably take his breath away, and that it would be very cold... well, I think he lasted about 20 seconds out in it before he came running back to the van!

Me? I managed to get out long enough to snap these pics, and otherwise... it was toasty in the van with the heater on, and I finished another three whole rows on the Secret of the Stole!

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