Wednesday, May 28, 2008

KNITTING DISASTERS .... and other news

Not having much fun knitting these days!

First of all, I have a lousy cold, AGAIN. Then...

In the test knit, I dropped a stitch somewhere - with 325 stitches on the needle - and couldn't find the problem. So I had to tink back, but as I tinked, the yarn started breaking down, and 'fusing' (like mohair does) REALLY bad. Which explained why I couldn't find the dropped stitch! It became really difficult to figure out what I was unknitting -- a single stitch, an ssk or, ...? It took unraveling FOUR rows to get back to where I could be sure I had all the right stitches, and the right amount, on the needles.

Needless to say, I threw the unraveled yarn away, and started the re-knit with a new ball. What a fiasco! So I'm now back where I started unraveling 3 days ago, and have four rows to go before I can start the edging.

So ... in an effort to clear my head, I picked up the side-to-side vest I've been working on, only to discover a fairly serious error in IT. Aaarrggghhhh! I made some modifications at the very beginning of the project, but forgot to write them down (can you say, "duh....?") so when I got around from the left side to the right side, I didn't remember the modifications I'd made, and so I just sort of made up some more on the spot, and, well, now I have a mess to clean up. . .

I think I'll take a garter stitch dishcloth with me to the Guild meeting this morning - I think I can maybe not screw that up!

Meanwhile, I looked out my front door yesterday, and this is what I saw... son Jason and his friend Nicola 'chilling out' on the roof of his floathome across from me. At least that brought a smile to my face!

And daughter Mischa, hairstylist extra-ordinaire, started work in a new shop yesterday, so I went to see the place and ended up being her first client. I've got my summer haircut now, and her new shop got my Momma seal of approval. ;-)


Anonymous said...

You make me feel better :) Yesterday I started a new vest, and I have had to tink back the first row twice. Some days the mojo just isn't there.


Uli said...

Gotta hate those kind of knitting days............. sometimes it's just best to pick it up again another day. :-)


Grace said...

modifications I am attempting them too working on mystery shawl 8 just finished clue 3 used over 2 skeins, only have 2 skeins and 2 clues left, never going to make it, will be doing it a bit different then written because that yarn is no longer available and i'll be golldarned if I am going to rip it out!!!

Esther V. said...

ah was your cold that you were trying to give me!!!!
See you tomorrow at Serious Coffee.

Happy lst Birthday Jackson.

Georgi said...

Sometimes it just doenst pay to pick up the needles does it? Just to make you feel loved, it's blogland tag time & you've been tagged! The rules are on my knitting blog.

Have fun!