Monday, September 1, 2008


Took time out from getting ready to leave on our holiday to attend the 'Salute Parade' at the Classic Boat Show yesterday. The salute vessel (complete with Commodore and crew all in classic whites) usually leaves the dock first, and goes out to McAuley Point to anchor.

Then all the other vessels 'sail past' the salute vessel, salute the commodore and return to their berths.

It was a bit chilly and we didn't want to go out to the open water, so we just sat by the Undersea Gardens and watched as the boats left the dock instead!

This one was our personal favorite sailboat ... it was about 60 feet long, and absolutely stunning:

And our personal favorite motorboat:

We were also entertained by this seal hanging out at the UnderSea Gardens...

It was a lovely show, and Michael says he all inspired now to get the Wind Walker in that kind of shape (we'll see how long THAT lasts, lol)!

Today we are 'down to the wire' and things are getting furiously crossed off both of our lists -- we're meeting Mischa and Jeff and the boys at the beach for a picnic supper and we need to be DONE, DONE, DONE and ready to cast off the lines for tomorrow morning! (I *will* do a final blog post tomorrow before we go, and I'll have wireless access for most of the holiday, so I'll continue to post from wherever we are...)

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Linda said...

I loved seeing all the boats in the harbour. We visited Victoria this summer and spent many wonderful hours at the harbout.