Sunday, September 21, 2008


We left Cabbage/Tumbo with some sadness, because it's one of our favorite spots on the planet ... but it was time to move on. This is me wanting never to leave!


The worst time of our trip so far was making our way to Winter Cove -- we encountered major rip tides at the East Point Lighthouse, and it took two hours to get around into Plumper Sound. We have twin gas engines and for over an hour, they were revving at 2000 rpm's, and making about 2.5 knots per hour over the water. And at some point, this Canadian military patrol boat powered by us too close and too fast, and then we had to deal with its wake, too -- NOT FUN!!

By the time we got close to the entrance to Port Browning (on North Pender), even though there was only two more miles to Winter Cove (on Saturna), we'd had it -- a pub hamburger, a night on a dock and a hot shower sounded good!

We moved over to Winter Cove the next morning, and took a dinghy ride across a quiet little channel to Horton Bay on Mayne Island. My friend Monica lives there, and Monica also happens to host my websites. Well... when I acquired my laptop, I didn't need my flatscreen monitor anymore, and Monica asked about it -- so we delivered it, by dinghy! (And Monica and I both want you to know that this picture is NOT flattering to either of us! lol)

Winter Cove is also lovely, with a view across to the mainland, and to this old hulk that's been anchored here forever (and yes, that is a helicopter about to land, and no, I have no idea where or why)...

KNITTING has happened!

I finished the gift shawl (and I'll show you a blocked pic and tell you more once I know the recipient has received it, because I think she might read my blog), and yet another pair of socks for Gibson.

And now I've been in hat mode for 3 days ...

This one and at least 3 others have come off the needles so far.

Before we left Victoria, we made a plan to rendezvous on Salt Spring Island with our Hailey, my sister Julie and her daughter and boyfriend who are visiting from Alberta. Whenever anyone visits from Alberta, I always think of touques -- and my niece Doneen loves anything 'Auntie Em' knits, so that got me started on hats (so I could give her a choice, of course!)She chose the one Michael's modeling -- and we only had less than two hours to visit between ferries, and I never even thought of pulling out my camera... dammit.

More about our trip to Salt Spring, and time here, in my next post...

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Anonymous said...

Ah, the "auld salt" looks handsome in your knit hat. Now he'll get the big head and need a bigger hat! VBG!