Monday, April 6, 2009


First of all, finally two finished objects ... the second pair of 'spring' socks for me:

And the gorgeous purple mohair/silk scarf, which will be a gift. (I have three to do, each in a different stitch pattern, and I've just cast on the second one, in navy blue).

So I was finishing up the purple scarf at Clover Point, and watching this lovely sailboat go by ...

... and these stunt kiters doing a bit of a routine...

... when I heard a bit of a commotion behind me on the grass. There was a live band setting up!

I chatted with one of the fellows a bit, and he said they just 'felt like doing a free concert.' He figured some authorities might come along and stop them but they'd play until they got stopped. And play, they did... everyone there was serenaded by some great reggae/funk/rock tunes!

I also got to spend some time with River on Saturday - we went to Chinatown and River loved this tree:

We have River overnight at least twice a week, and now that Gibson's almost 3, I think we'll start taking him, too -- maybe not every time (I'm exhausted just thinking about that!) but once or twice a month, anyway.

Finally, we went for our first dinghy ride of the spring! It was a beautiful day yesterday, and the harbour was calling... lots of lovely wooden boats around this weekend, for some reason, including Victoria's own tall ships, both in!

It was a full and lovely weekend ... and I'm at the store all day today. Have a great start-of-the-week!

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