Friday, April 3, 2009


In honor of the International Year of Natural Fibres, an organization called Heifer International (which raises funds to provide livestock for poor families and communities all over the globe) has decided to include fibre-bearing animals this year. By their formula, it costs about $120 to provide a sheep or goat, and training in its husbandry, so to raise money, fibre folks around the world have been invited to help knit the world's longest scarf. The criteria is simple -- 9" wide, and made from natural fibres.

I've started a 'scarfing' team here on the Island, and day before yesterday cast on our scarf.

The idea is that everyone who knits a row will contribute $1. Today the scarf will make its way to a spinning retreat on Lake Cowichan, and then it'll make appearances in various places before making its way to New York in October!

Yesterday I was down at Clover Point, and caught these two:

Those are sextants they're playing with, normally only seen on sailboats on the high seas -- I have no idea what on earth they were up to here on dry land, unless they were practising.

Day before yesterday I was invited to speak (about the Victoria FibreFest) to a sub-group of the Victoria Weavers and Spinners -- and my reward was getting to stay for a lovely tea after the talk!

Speaking of the Victoria FibreFest, the website will be fully updated this weekend, including some amazing classes we'll be offering!

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Oh, that tea party looks yummy!!!