Thursday, August 27, 2009


... and we're sure feeling like we need a holiday! That must be why I played more than I worked today -- again.

I did get some work done in the morning and met with a client, but then I knew that my friend Wendy was hosting the weekly Metchosin spinning circle -- and when I got in the van to run a few errands, it just kind of went in that direction...

I didn't take my spinning wheel, but I did knit a few rows on the newest pair of socks, and more importantly, I relaxed for a few hours, and didn't think of Susan (much). We ate, we laughed, we knit and spun, in the sun outside Wendy's studio -- it was lovely.

When I got home around 5 pm., Michael was napping -- so I took myself down to Clover Point to knit some more. I arrived just in time to see this:

Here's the story!

After I watched Dockwise go by, I remembered that Hailey and Mischa were taking the boys (including Joshua, who arrived from up-Island to spend the rest of the summer with Jason) for fish and chips at Fishermans Wharf ... so I went to say hello.

I even managed to get another hour's work done when I got home, but will have to make up for lost time again today after Hailey leaves for Whistler ...

Total knitting today? About 3 rows!

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Maureen said...

I caught a glimpse of that while it was in Deep Cove and then again as it sailed past our 'front door' just off the Dollarton. Quite the sight...a bit like watching your tax dollars float away ;)