Monday, December 13, 2010


After Knit'n'Cafe on Friday I had to pick up a yarn donation in the north-east corner of the city -- since I rarely get over that way, I decided to drive up on Mt. Tolmie, which used to be one of my favorite spots! It's still lovely...
I had a date with Gibson on Saturday -- we went to the Santa pancake breakfast at a local community centre and then for a horse-drawn wagon ride through downtown. LOTS of fun!
 Yesterday I started the day in one of the nicest ways I know, other than curled up here in our 'LazyBoy.' 


Curled up in front of the fire at Starbucks is a nice treat sometimes! Came home long enough to put a beef stew together in the crock pot, and then spent the day mostly knitting -- here at home, then down to Clover Point for a bit. Met up with Penny and Robin there, and invited them back to share the beef stew for dinner! 

So it was a lovely weekend all around, in spite of the fact that it's been raining pretty much non-stop. Today I have some errands to run and then more knitting to get done, because tomorrow I'm going up-Island to take Julie for lunch for her birthday.

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