Friday, December 31, 2010


Has it already been a week since Christmas Eve?? It's been a blur of still more food, fun, friends and family, I can tell you that! Yesterday morning I took Audrey to the train (to go up to Parksville to visit our mutual friend Bev) after an overnight visit here with us ... and then got to spend a few quiet moments alone at Clover Point to watch the sun come up .... aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

Then Jason stopped in before supper to collect his last Christmas gift which I hadn't finished yet -- this was my favorite knit this Christmas, partly because I knew he has just the right quirky sense of humor to enjoy the finished product -- and, as I predicted, he loved it!
(It's called the sock monkey hat, of course, and it's a free pattern on The wrist warmers he's wearing are crocheted, and were a gift from a friend of his...)

Today I'll drive out to the ferry for the 5th time this week, to take Hailey, who has to be back in Whistler this evening.
Then I think I'll do nothing ... for the next three days. Except knit, of course... my reward for doing all that Christmas knitting? I cast on a shawl for myself! It's called '198 Yards of Heaven' on Ravelry, but I'm knitting it in a bulky weight yarn and adding at least one repeat of the pattern, so it'll be a lot more than 198 yards by the time I'm done.


wendy said...

happy new year to you and yours.
what an amazing sunrise!! you can see those distant mountains that only show when it is cold. what mtns are they anyway? cascades?

Grace said...

love the hat and that shawl pattern is great, I have done it several times

Happy New year!!