Tuesday, August 30, 2011


First of all, about a month ago I put two of my shawls in a local (Fulford) shop that has other fibre-y gifts (and it's owned by a local weaver) -- and she told me my prices weren't high enough. Well, she called to tell me that both shawls sold last week -- at the higher prices she put on them! So even after she takes her commission, I'll still have a nice little cheque for myself -- and she wants more shawls. :)

Secondly, Mischa and the boys were just here for the weekend... we went to the lake twice, and one of the times watched this young man fishing from the float:
And the boys got in some beach-combing, of course:
And Mom got to relax a little!
We watched boats come and go...
... and picnicked at Drummond Park, and did dinghy rides, and drank coffee .... and I added another 5" to the 'Hearts Entwined" stole.

So today I have grocery shopping and laundry to do.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! What a great idea - tourists don't have a clue how chilly the evenings can get there, and those shawls must look like heaven to them. Of course, it doesn't hurt that you knit beautiful objects. :-)

Esther V. said...

Great Blog, Marilyn!
Restoration Co. will be here again at 11am. I'm insisting that they remove the flooring to the cupboard under my sink...I smell mildew.. it's a long story that won't be ending soon. grrrr.
Happy grocery shopping to you.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on selling your shawls Marilyn. Two lucky people are fortunate enough to be wrapping themselves in your beautiful hand-knit creations. Great blog as usual and I'm always checking in to read about your continuing adventures and to see the wonderful pictures you post.

Hailey Guille said...

Great job selling the shawls, ma! Proud of you! Still can't believe you can let them go, at any price, given all the time and energy you put into each piece you do.
Great photo of Riv & Gibson down at the waterline. Missed another family day at the beach - boo!!