Sunday, August 7, 2011


We've had the boys here this weekend, so I haven't had a minute to myself, but it's always fun! Yesterday there was a community picnic in Drummond Park ... apparently it used to be a much bigger event called 'Fulford Day,' but not anymore. We had a great time, though! First of all, the boys had to show off their acrobatic skills ... this is Gibson trying to pretend he knows how to do a head-stand:
And then River showed us that he really does know how to do a cartwheel:
And then, of course, their 61-year-old 'Papa' can't be outdone:
... a feat which earned him a 'tackle' (read: no mercy):
... and a challenge to a foot race....
.. which River had no trouble winning! Otherwise, he passes the time being a typical 12-year-old:
And I wandered off and found (finally, I've been looking since we got here!) the world-famous Fulford Harbour petroglyph:

This petroglyph was purposely moved from its original location -- apparently right about where we are! -- about 30 years ago to better preserve it from the elements. It's on a huge rock, which was placed between the bases of two trees in Drummond Park. I'm glad it's hard to find, because so many of these have been vandalized, or just weathered beyond recognition. This one depicts a seal, of course .... and notice how one eye is different than the other?

I'll walk on the ferry with the boys this morning, and Mischa will meet me in Schwartz Bay to collect them. Then Michael and I might go off the dock for a little cruise for a day or two .... it's our 32nd wedding anniversary tomorrow. :-)


Beverley J said...

Happy Anniversary you two! Thanks for the blogging.............

Esther V. said...

Glad you see you blogging again..miss your daily blogs!!
My daughters took me to Michael Buble' concert last night..WOW...what a show. BUT it was so loud. The opening act was "Naturally 7"..AMAZING..liked them better than Buble'!! see below.
How is your new job going?

A video of "Vocal Play" group Naturally 7 creating their "Wall of Sound" with vocal play. Everything you hear is the human voice! No instruments are used. A loop pedal is used to loop some sounds like hand claps.

Esther V. said...

Oops..meant to say "Glad to see"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "Happy Monday" to greet me, and a happy anniversary to the two of you. Enjoy your cruise about.

Louisa said...

Happy Anniversary, you guys! Hope you have some nice quiet time to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and Michael! 32 years together is quite an accomplishment especially in this day and age! It has to be marked by doing something special for each other and together.

Love to you both!