Monday, August 1, 2011


What can I say ... time flies when you're having fun? It seems to have been a busy summer so far here at Roamers -- yes, that's the name of the property/marina that we officially take over managing TODAY, Roamers Landing.

Since last week, we took a local family out on a day trip cruise --to Glenthorne Passage on Prevost Island, then Russell Island. It was a fabulous summer day, weather-wise, and a lovely cruise -- I completely forgot to take out my camera until I saw these beauties in Glenthorne, though...
Speaking of beauties, this one was anchored just around the point from us the other night...
She's the Attessa IV, owned by SeaSpan Tug owner Dennis Washington -- one of the 25 largest pleasure yachts in the world, and the largest in North America. See the helicopter on the back?

I personally prefer these kind of beauties, though ... all of which we've seen in the last week!
(In this next one, look on the ground next to the log....)As Michael says, it sure beats having a huge concrete building in our back yard!
Knitting has been happening .... I finished the second pair of socks for Hailey to take back to Whistler with her ...
And the first pair of Gibson's fall socks (it seems unbelievable to me, but he starts kindergarten in September)!
And yesterday, as I was finishing the LAST row on my latest shawl before casting off, this disaster happened:

No, that's not an Addi Turbo AND a Knit Picks harmony wood circular-- it's a KnitPicks with a completely shattered end. It took me almost an hour to pick up and salvage all the stitches that came loose when it snapped - so now I will finish casting off today, hopefully. Aarrggghhhh ... this is one of those times when I need to remind myself I love knitting!

Well, this is the first year in seven that we had to miss the Symphony Splash concert -- there are some issues here at the property that needed to be dealt with because the owner leaves for overseas for three months, tomorrow. You can see how much fun we had last year!

Today will be a day off, but tomorrow I will go to Mayne Island for 3 days to my friend Monica's house. More about that latah!


Grace said...

love the socks can't wait to see the shawl, I love your bird picture, so majestic!

My word verification is amsick which I am at the moment I wonder how it knows!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Marilyn! Much happiness in your new position and on your new island! Keep the pictures coming as they are all so beautiful. Wishing I were there!

wendy said...

brilliant photos friend....PLEASE phone me!

Anonymous said...

Love the otter pic.

N. Maria said...

I miss you already and I've only been gone a short while! Your life seems a good one!
Glad you were able to salvage those stitches! I bethcha Knitpicks will replace that thar broken needle.....for free!
I'm so glad you are my friend!