Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I can't believe how the days go by here! I've been busy 'settling in' to the world of Welcome Wagon - having lots of fun, but there's lots to learn, and lots of paperwork to sort through and organize. I have six 'visits' already lined up for the next few weeks!

We've been rocking and rolling lots in the last few days. Day before yesterday was the worst storm we've experienced since we've been here --the outside dock at the abandoned marina next door 'came away' from the outside pilings and is now barely hanging on to the corner piling by maybe one hinge. (If I can get a picture later, I will...) We were without power for about eight hours and had to keep our little woodstove going -- not that we mind, it keeps things pretty cozy in here. But elsewhere here on Salt Spring, and around Victoria, was pretty hard hit:
Lots of trees down and thousands of folks without power for the last few days. We've had it all weather-wise, too -- snow, rain, hail, sleet, and sunshine, just in the last 48 hours!

I'll be doing some writing for a little local 'news-advertiser' that comes out every other week here on the Island ... the first piece I've done has to do with this:
Cute poster, huh?

I did manage to make a quick trip up to Qualicum, with two local friends Sara and Allie, to see if we could find the herring run -- unfortunately it was all over, although lots of the fishing boats were still around. The day was too short and my friends needed to get home to their dog, so I didn't even get to stop at my sister's place for a visit. It turned out to be a decent day for a little road trip, though, and Sara and Allie had fun seeing a part of Vancouver Island they'd never been to.
No knitting progress to report .... the last cowl in the challenge is giving me lots of grief, I've frogged it three times now and not sure what I'll do with it next. And that's taken up so much time that I haven't got past row 4 on the shawl I cast on last week.

Aaargggghhhh..... better news soon, I hope!

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