Thursday, March 29, 2012

We're rockin' and rollin' this morning! I'm always so glad that the ferry spends the night in its berth right in front of us because it really helps block the south-easters that roar in here during the winter/spring months. But at 6:15 every morning it leaves on its first run to Vancouver Island and we are left much more exposed. It's supposed to calm down this morning, which is a good thing because Esther doesn't like to come over for Thursday knitting at the Rock Salt if it's blowing.

This Island seems to have no end of little roads that go off into the forest or up little 'mountains', and I just love to discover and explore them. Yesterday, after I spent most of the day in town running errands, I took yet another 'scenic' route home. First of all, here was the view from the laundromat before I left Ganges:
(Many of those boats are live-aboards, or people who choose not to pay the crazy moorage rates in Ganges).

I watched this crow hesitate on the edge of a little tidal stream for only a moment, and then 'dive in' for a bath:
... and then I got distracted by some movement on the water's edge...
... and what fun to watch these two white-tailed deer, right in downtown Ganges, frollicking in the sand!

On the way home I made my way up to the top of 'Sarah Lane' and pulled over when I saw this:
Actually, let me run that by you again, with a bit more detail (remember that you can click on the image to make it bigger):
How lucky am I, to get to live in such an amazing place??


Esther V. said...

ah ha...I've checked the weather report...gale warning in effect but will be okay for us to come over for knitting!!! JUST got home from driving friends to the airport..OMG it was raining so hard the car wipers were on full force..AND two car lengths between EVERY one was taking any chances! WONDERFUL pictures/descriptions of the islands.
I will download a neat picture taken at the knitting group last night...check my blog later.
cya later today.

Louisa said...

So lovely and makes me nostalgic for the days we used to sail through there on our little sailboat. Sadly, it's been quite awhile since I've had a chance to visit Salt Spring.

Grace said...

you are blessed to live in such a wonderful place and someday I will visit!!