Thursday, May 10, 2012



That was a lovely respite, even though we came home two days earlier than planned -- sitting through a 25-knot south-west wind in a two-foot chop makes you want to find a nice solid dock to tie up to!

We had a few neighbors...
This was a sail-training school field trip with about 12 teens on each boat:

We never left the boat on day one, and Michael cooked us a gi-normous brekkie on day two:
The scenery was amazing, as always!

We went ashore for a long walk -- there is a great trail around the whole island. Saw lots of flora, driftwood, a bald eagle guarding its nest, and some other ... life forms.

Aarrggghhh .... blogger is not cooperating with my photo uploads this morning, I'll try again later!

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