Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We're winning them, actually. Yet another trip to Victoria and back, and we got rid of enough stuff that we won't need to rent a storage unit!

With HUGE thanks to Hailey for a LOT of work over the past two weeks (especially this week because I've been sick with this stupid cold that won't go away), I brought the last of our possessions home to Salt Spring yesterday. I still have a lot of yarn for sale, but it's all much more manageable than it was, that's for sure!

Being in Victoria meant having time with the boys, too, so that was nice -- including a brekkie with Joshua, who is now 18!!

And Gibson turned six the other day, too ... where is the time going??

I know one place it's going... to the Lighthouse Shawl. I'm FINALLY on the edging, but that may take another week, it's so huge!

I've done several departures from the original pattern because I wanted to add lots of beads, use up some stash, and make it bigger than the original. Besides, I was having lots of fun playing with stitch patterns! But I'll be glad when it's done...

I'm having a facial this morning, for only the second time ever in my life ... and then off to the doctor to see if I can get something for this cough!


Grace said...

lovely shawl

Beverley J said...

Wow, no storage unit and living on a boat!! Congrats!!!

First Mate Gremlins Hammer said...

YAY! Congrats on losing the storage unit!! Last year we found ourselves with 3 (yes, THREE) storage units in 3 different towns! We have finally managed to get down to one small unit this year, and once we get cruising the goal will be no units, but we'll see how that works out :-)

Like the blog by the way, and will continue to follow you!


Someone Critique said...

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