Thursday, May 10, 2012

Russell Island #2

Once more with feeling...

We saw flora:

 And 'other life forms' (warning: graphic photos):

Ok, so ... the eagle and its nest were the prettiest!

 And more Canada Geese with their babies:

The beach was pretty cool, too.... lots of interesting rock formations and driftwood:

And there was this pretty boat anchored out in the bay:

Michael went kayaking for the first time this year ... and so did most of the kids on the sail training boats:

There! I fought with blogger and I won!


Esther V. said...

rEXCELLENT pictures, Marilyn.
..... the picture of the driftwood... looks like an old man octypus
...the knot being his eye!!!
See you in 6 hours!

Hailey Guille said...

UHM - Snake(s)?!!
Great mental note for me never to set foot on Russell Island!!!
Other than that - great pics mum, and really happy that you and dad had such a great time away.
xoxo's and see you very soon!

Hailey Guille said...

UHM - "Unknown" is me, do I tell Blogger that this is me? you can private message me!