Monday, June 25, 2012


All my Friday plans went without a hitch and we made it to Parksville by supper time -- picked up deli food and went directly to the beach! The tide was way out, but it was still lovely . This old stump has been on that beach for at least 40 years. And here's a little tidbit of information ... some of you may not know that we lived in Parksville for many years. In fact our kids went from being little kids there to leaving home. Our home was behind the trees on the centre-right side of this photo (we couldn't see the ocean, but it was only about two blocks away).
 This sailboat was anchored out in the bay...
David's memorial went as well as memorials can go, I suppose. His parents were there, and about 40 friends from the Nanaimo area. If he had lived another 6 days he would have been 24 years sober in AA -- so we gave him his 'birthday cake' (a tradition in AA) and Michael and I spok, briefly. This isn't a great photo, but here's David (in the red shirt) with his old band members Angela and Mike:

Yesterday I had another yarn sale at our friend Carol's farm, along with Ann, a knitter friend here who owned a mail-order yarn store several years ago. Here's some of my stash:
 And here's Ann and Carol admiring her stash:

Came home completely exhausted, but at least two huge totes lighter than I went with, so that was good! But two other things were the best part of the day -- first of all, Carol and Jan's friend and neighbor Christian entertained us for awhile on his sitar... 
 ... and then I saw this beauty:

It's an old cart (probably 150 years) made of wood and wicker, of all things! Isn't it gorgeous? 

Today I'm doing nuttin' but knittin', I can tell you that! This morning I'll be curled up on the chair at home, and this afternoon I'll be at the Rock Salt. Oh ... I was finally able to separate out the sleeves on the top-down sweater, whoo-hoo ...

... and I still love it!

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