Monday, June 11, 2012


Ack! I really don't mean to only be posting once a week -- life keeps getting in the way!

Well, life and knitting. I FINISHED the Lighthouse Shawl .... 2000-odd yards and a few hundred hours of knitting later! It's stunning ... 6' across already. I haven't blocked it yet because I'm going to have to do it on the 'cabin' roof -- I have no space big enough inside, so I need a warm, sunny day to make sure it dries. Here it is looking like a tablecloth on Esther's dining room table - I stayed with her last week while I was at my Welcome Wagon training in Victoria, and THANK GOD Esther happens to love tucking in ends, because there were dozens of them. Thanks again for everything, Esther!
Some time in the past week or so, Michael and I had lunch at Harbour House in Ganges -- the view out over the harbour is the best!

I got to watch this lovely mute swan family the next day ... great way to pass the time while knitting and doing laundry!

Yesterday we had to make a quick trip to Nanaimo to visit David, an old friend (who is not old!). He has been fighting cancer for a year or so, and called us from the hospital on Friday night. He may only have a day or two left so I'm glad we went, even though he was unconscious for our whole visit. Waiting at the Crofton ferry terminal, our heavy hearts encountered a little bit of comic relief -- check out what appears to be the driver of this moving van!

On the way home we had time to stop for a bit of a picnic at the little park overlooking the Crofton marina  ...

After I finished the Lighthouse Shawl, I cast on for a little top-down sweater -- it's for a local charity knitting project, and I haven't done a single thing for charity since I moved to Salt Spring. I'll be finished it today -- just the bottom ribbing on the body and about 4" of sleeves to go. The (acrylic) yarn was given to me, and I'll probably use every yard of it - the sweater is a size 8.
 Next project is the dog-hair vest I was commissioned to do some time ago ... I promised it for the end of August, so I'll be casting on this morning so I can work on the bottom ribbing at the Rock Salt this afternoon.


Esther V. said...

MY pleasure to have you stay at my home...even though we didn't have much time for visiting with all your meetings! Your shawl looks great in the dining room picture!..too bad you remembered to take it home!
the charity sweater has amazing colours in it...lucky child that receives it. Sorry to hear about your longtime friend David.
The sun is shining!! can you believe it!! Spent part of yesterday with my daughtes and Charlotte and Jackson at the zoo...lots of new baby sweet. Have a great week.

Louisa said...

That shawl is stunning! Can't wait to see what magic blocking will do. Sorry about your friend. Cancer has no mercy.

Unknown said...

Oh my word, the Lighthouse shawl came out beautifully! And HUGE! You are a patient woman. :)

Sorry to hear about your friend, but I am glad you were able to go and say goodbye. It helps.

And if that puppy is driving the truck, the slogan is really true ... "adventures in moving!"

Grace said...

that shawl takes my breath away---just beautiful