Wednesday, June 20, 2012


... except to note that, on the weekend, we celebrated a year at Roamers Landing -- now renamed Fulford Landing. It's been a full and productive one, but also a great time of healing and looking forward -- no regrets, that's for sure, and we still love it here. Hey, the weather report is even for three whole days of sun right now, for the first time since early May! :-) 

Today we'll head into Ganges for the day, pretty much -- laundry and grocery shopping to do, and we have a little errand to run for our buddy Galiano Mike. He's off circumnavigating Salt Spring, just for fun, in his little powerboat ... 
.. but the nights have been cold, so he's coming in to the Vesuvius dock this morning, and we'll run him in to Ganges to get his propane tank filled, and have brekkie together. I like it when Michael comes to town with me (hardly ever!) because I can knit - I'm working on another top-down sweater, but this time it's a cardigan/kimono, for me, in a gorgeous blue 'slubby' cotton lace-weight 'recycled' yarn: 
(The dog-hair vest came to a dead halt when I realized I'd have to re-design my idea from in-the-round to knitted-flat -- I'll get back to it next week after the recipient tries on the ribbed waistband I salvaged when I frogged it!) 

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