Saturday, May 10, 2008


For the record: when I die, I want to be cremated and have my ashes scattered at Clover Point -- but Albert Head is a 'close second,' because it's one of the most beautiful anchorages around! We've also had some great times there -- with our children, by ourselves, and with good friends.

This time it was my sister Julie and her friend Erin from Alberta who came with us, and they had some serious painting in mind.

The day was warm and sunny, but a westerly wind was blowing the whole time ... hence the hats! (Julie on the right with the dark jacket and glasses, Erin on the left...)

We were joined by a navy dive boat early Saturday morning. They did their dive, then brought the boat in to the beach, and took themselves, the BBQ, and the lunch fixins' ashore...

Then a bit of a squall came up, and they re-loaded everything and took off back to (Esquimalt)Base. (And these guys are defending our country? lol)

Our trusty dinghy follows us everywhere, and Erin immortalized it in this painting...

It was really interesting to watch these two artists. They both had the same view of the same beach, but painted two completely different pictures of it. Julie tells me that's because she's more of a 'realist' painter, and Erin's work is more 'impressionist.' I'd love to show you the pictures, but Julie hated my photos of them, and she says she'll send me better ones, so you'll have to wait.

On our way back in to the harbour, we passed this cruise ship at Ogden Point:

And then saw this (USA) National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (we think that's the equivalent of our Environment Canada) research boat tied up at Ship's Point:

And in the evening, after we got back to the marina, we went for a drive and saw the cruise ship leaving...

Of course, I had lots of knitting time while we were at anchor, and STILL didn't finish a thing! The blue shawl is really close to being cast off, though, and I made progress on the vest I started last week. More pics to come!


Esther V. said...

Great blog Marilyn..excellent pictures.

Anonymous said...

Love your sister's painting of the dingy.

Albert Head - close to my childhood home! looks like a lovely time.