Tuesday, May 6, 2008


According to the BC dive books:

"The wreck of the Green can be found in the Inner Harbour. The Green was a 102' iron-hulled whaler built in 1909, and it sank in 1966. (And if, like me, you just thought to yourself, 'Oh, that's not so long ago'... consider ... it was over 40 years ago, actually!)The wreck is the attraction here as there is little sea life on or around it."

I beg to differ.

This marina was designed and built 'around' the wreck of the Green because the owners had no choice, since it's been declared a 'heritage' wreck. On a low tide, on our southern-most dock, what's left of the wreck is only about two feet below the surface, and you can see from the photos the abundant sea life!

Yesterday and today are extremely low tides, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to snap those pics. (Besides, I have no knitterly news to report -- I finished the white baby blanket. No pics... imagine for yourself a white baby blanket). On the needles still is the blue laceweight Elite 'Interlude' shawl and the wool knit-in-one-piece striped vest, and yesterday I cast on a sweater for myself from a back issue of Creative Knitting.

Yesterday my friend Monica from Mayne Island was here, and after I took her back to her ferry, I stopped to knit along 5th St in Sidney just in time to see the Anacortes (Washington State) ferry about to pull out.

Today my sister Julie and her friend Erin will arrive at some point, and we're hoping to get off the dock (to our favorite anchorage at Albert Head) for a night or two so those two can snap photos and/or paint pictures ... so happy days to you if you don't hear from me again until Friday!

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