Thursday, May 22, 2008


Remember this? (Don't know how you could forget, I've been talking about it constantly for several weeks now!)

It's called the 'Interlude' stole, and it is a free pattern on the Elite site. I knit it in's baby alpaca/merino laceweight blend (LOVELY to work with, by the way), doubled, on size 4 mm needles. It measures about 22" x 66" blocked, and it was an enjoyable (though loooonnggg) knit!

So Pat at our Guild meeting modelled it for me yesterday...

And now it's on its way to Afghanistan!

In other knitterly news, I've just finished repeat #4 of the test knit pattern (2-1/2 more to go, then the edging) and I love how it's turning out. And the side-to-side vest is about 3" from coming off the needles -- I hope to finish both of these before the end of the weekend... but there's lots of work involved with the Victoria FibreFestright now, so we'll see. I've got to get the final poster and program to the printer today, and return all the calls and answer the emails I didn't get to yesterday -- wish me luck. :)


Anonymous said...

Interlude is gorgeous.

And I'm wishing you luck!


Grace said...

if it gets lost in NJ on its way to afghanistan I don't have it, its someone else who looks like me Its beautiful!!!