Monday, May 12, 2008


Yesterday was bright blue and sunny, but very windy. I got down to Clover Point after delivering River home from spending the night (and collecting a lovely bouquet of flowers from his Mom, daughter #2, Mischa).

I had registered on the Standing Women website that I would be standing here...

... and when I arrived, Karen was already there. Although we didn't technically stand in silence (ok, the truth is we didn't stand in silence at all!), we did acknowledge that the energy was there, and it was indeed a 'peaceful' time we shared.

I stayed to knit and watch after Karen left, and it was a busy waterfront, in spite of the wind!

While I was there, my son Jason called me on my cell to wish me Happy Mother's Day, and when I got home daughter #1, Hailey, had tidied up the boat and done all the dishes for me.

When I got home, I also found this photo I'd taken last fall of the inscription on the nautilus sculture where we met for Standing Women:

How appropriate!

The blue shawl is done, done, done. I hope to block it later, and will get some pics then.

And the multi-colored side-to-side vest I'm knitting for myself is exactly at the halfway point:

My sister sent me the photos of the pictures she and her friend Erin painted at Albert Head. This is my sister Julie's:

See the big rock, bottom right, in that picture?

Here is Erin's picture ...

I find both of these pictures amazing, even more so by the fact that they were both looking at the same piece of beach.


Grace said...

loved your mother's day post and all of the photos in this one, the paintings are wonderful and the knitting divine!!!

Anonymous said...

Both of these paintings are gorgeous. The colours are amazing. Interesting to see two different artists perspectives.

What first got me before the paintings was that I really want to knit a sideways vest! I have been thinking about it for ages - maybe yours will inspire me!