Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Yesterday at Clover Point, my 'mindful knitting' (read: quiet, meditative) time was accompanied by the 'Oriole,' a local Navy 'goodwill' sail-training ship.

It looked like this when I saw it yesterday, though ...

Here's the story about the dismasting.

The Swiftsure is coming up and the Oriole is usually a competitor in that race, so I hope they get a new mast soon!

Anyway, I was interrupted once too often by a military helicopter thundering by (not sure if that had anything to do with the Oriole, but...), really low over the water right in front of me...

I had no idea knitting was a subversive activity, but I finally gave up and came home ... only to find that the Upper Harbour (where I live) was a-buzz, too!

First of all, the bridge was up, and a huge tug was coming in to Point Hope Shipyard ...

The Black Hawk is a Seattle-based 125' ocean-going tug that was built in 1968, and it's been in the news more than once. Here is a copy of an old newspaper clipping:

And in 2005, the Black Hawk made headlines when it caught fire in the Lake Washington Ship Canal. The owner and an employee got out safely, and I never heard any more about it until I saw the boat come in here yesterday.

It will join a local well-known converted tugboat called 'Breeze' that's already up on the ways at Point Hope, as well as the MV UChuck that's in for its spring refit.

It's just as well that I had to stop knitting anyway ... I'm doing a special test knit for Sivia Harding and I'm at a REALLY hard row that I have to call her about today!

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